Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Underhammer Society

My usual product is an Eastern Pennsylvania rifle or fowler. But here is the first of what will be a continuing string of hunting rifles & smoothbores with underhammer actions by Charlie Bowers. I will simultanously be making them on my own action in the future.
I can certainly make target arms on either action as well, should someone wish it.
The current piece pictured here, serial #53, has a straight-tapered .50 caliber rifled barrel, 1" breech to 7/8" muzzle, 36" long, by Ed Rayl and is stocked with curly English walnut. The mounts are brass. The frame is case-hardened and the whole rifle mildly antiqued. I have $1,850.00 on this piece, which is negotiable.
Prices for future underhammer arms will be in the $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 range.
More pictures of S/N 53 are available by e-mailing me at
Brent Gurtek


Rusty Smith said...

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Rusty Smith said...

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Eleuthera said...

Mr. Gurtek doesn't support your second amendment rights: he just testified in support of the most extreme gun control the state has ever seen. Please show him how important they are to you.

Brent Gurtek said...